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Oct 15, 2010

Bob Marley Dubplate

What is a dubplate? Dubplate is special record that is used in record mastering proces. Dubplate is cutted on empty celulose disc, using original studio tape recording. Then, dubplate is used for creating master record print, and all other records are copies of dubplate. But in reggae soundsystem history, dubplate is used in other way. Soundsystem selectors used dubplates that they cut with special recordings from their frends artists. So there were many speculations about Killamanjaro Bob Marley special record. There is no such thing, this you will hear is Ziggy Marley, as Papa Jaro of Killamanjaro soundsystem said.


  1. i love reggae and i love this blog, it's so green yellow and red. nice nice

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  3. I really enjoyed the fact that in this post you had a very interesting piece of information to go along with the music. As a music enthusiast I did not knew what a dubplate was and it was worth the read!

  4. interesting piece on the bob marley dubplate